In a word: The coin has two sides on a double-edged sword.

Developing a more proactive approach to lesson planning and goals for term 2.


Я была девушкой, но сейчас я кошка

Our journey to Haerbin was undoubtably the worst so far. Now veterans at long-term train journeys, we scoffed at a mere 14 hours on the bus. Not so. In fact, the journey was more like 19hours. And this was no ordinary bus. Rather than have have it laid out like a standard coach, the whole body had been … Continue reading

Don’t blink

Having been somewhat of an aspiring archaeologist/palaeontologist type thing as a child, I’m kind of proud of the fact that, without really deliberately trying to, I’ve managed to see some of most famous archaeological wonders in the whole world.

Shanghai Revisited

The last few weeks of term were busier than I expected, tying up loose ends and completing unnecessary paperwork, and soon Steve and I found ourselves hurriedly packing our bags for an early morning dash to Changsha airport. The flight to Shanghai took only a couple of hours and we flew with China Eastern. Despite … Continue reading

fusi changsha

Coffee and Tv

More lamentations about teaching, social etiquette and students. And some travel plans.

Miles, miles, away

A photo-heavy post about feng huang.

All translations are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Please enjoy the first of a series of funny translation fails, posted as found under the Lost in Translation category. <-

buddha dragon

How not to get a job after graduation

Only Four Weeks In has suddenly become Nearly Six Weeks and both me and McStevie are kicking ourselves for how lazy we’ve got with the language, and all the other things we planned to become experts of whilst in China (tai chi and calligraphy, Buddhism and Daoism… etc). Its easy to see how it happened. … Continue reading